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A Website Designed by Kwibsy.com

For those who seek to own a professional website immediately on purchase, our team has prepared a small selection of ready made sites; original designs, original layout, original logo, original brand…

If you would like to learn more about our ready made website features, or to discuss and original custom design for you/your business, please visit our website:


Welcome to Mirumaq 

Legal or Financial or Medical Service Experts – You Decide.

Contact us now to learn how we can help you.

A Read Made Website Designed to Include:

  • 1 Website (Mirumaq.com)
  • 1 Domain Name (Mirumaq.com)
  • 1 Logo
  • 1 Favicon
  • Accompanying Images
  • Up to 3 Business Email Accounts
  • Basic SEO
  • SSL Certificate (Green Padlock in URL)
  • Hosting
  • Social Media Account (Facebook Page)
  • Tech support
  • Site Management/Maintenance
  • + additional services (free / optional)




Kwibsy.com Web Service Providers:

Our services are sure to give your business the boost you seek.

Who is Kwibsy.com?

We are support.

Kwibsy.com is made up of a small team of tech professionals, and is host to a number of websites that have become personal to us – you are more than a client, and your website is more than a project.


We do everything we can to improve your experience and consult where we can on your steps to boost reach, traffic, and/or business, and even advising on marketing choices between social media, Adwords, and more.

Kwibsy is new and small but with a personal touch, our customer support is dedicated to giving you the website you need to succeed.

What is Kwibsy.com?

We are a unique web service provider that focuses on trying to help people who don’t have the time or experience to build and maintain a website themselves. So, where you would usually select a hosting plan that suited you (from one provider), a domain name for your website (from another provider), a website builder (from a website building provider like Wix or WordPress), and a theme to build your website (from yet another provider), we offer an all-in-one solution for competitive prices.

Building and owning a website has never been easier and cheaper thanks to Kwibsy.com. Let us handle everything for a cheap, non-intrusive fee, with no hourly rates, no hidden costs, no cheeky add-ons or extensions, etc. You get what you pay for with a guarantee of premium design and customer services.

Why is Kwibsy.com?

Because you don’t build a business to run a website, you build a website to run a business.

It’s no secret: A business owner knows that prioritising time is key. Web design, web maintenance, Website plugins/software, all take time… and you know what they say about time.

Leave the technical mumbo jumbo to us and concentrate on the more important aspects of your business – like marketing,, development, etc. We handle everything from website design, to design maintenance, to monitoring site security, and more.

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Maintenance
  • Website Logo & Favicon
  • and More…

All features included in final fee – no hourly rates, no problem.